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Collaborative design with Figma

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In a half day workshop, we will take you through the different features of Figma, and explain how to work with the more difficult parts of Figma - constraints, components and libraries.

  • Learn techniques to work with Figma in a better and faster manner
  • Find out what is unique about Figma as opposed to other design applications
  • Attend a group exercise that will show you how to collaborate with other designers, making use of some of Figma's best features like the team library.

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Are you interested in an in-company workshop? Using an intake process we will find out how experienced you are with Figma and other design tools. We will personalize the workshop to your needs.

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Johan is a user interface designer with over twelve years of experience. He has been working with Figma ever since it has been in beta. He loves exploring new tools and mastering them.

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